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Zember Advisory


Zember Advisory is a specialized business advisory firm that partners with founders who are striving to achieve significant value creation and growth.  At Zember Advisory, we challenge our clients to make an all-in commitment to optimizing their business outcomes and achieving superior results in just 90 days. As someone wise once said, "There is no growth in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growth zone." For founders who are willing to be courageous and embrace change, the potential results can be massive.


Jeff Zember is an experienced CEO and Strategic Growth Leader. As the former majority owner and CEO of Pli-Dek Inc., a leading provider of waterproof deck coatings, he has extensive experience in growing and diversifying a company while also preparing for an eventual M&A exit. Jeff is now offering his services to assist founders in optimizing their businesses for maximum results. Jeff has a no-nonsense approach and is passionate about growth and improvement, bringing a private equity mentality to his advisory services.


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