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Jeff Zember

Lead Consultant & Founder


Jeff Zember is former majority owner and CEO of Pli-Dek, Inc., the country’s leading provider of waterproof deck coatings for residential and commercial applications. Jeff grew Pli-Dek by more than 10x in his twenty-year career from Sales Rep to CEO. He grew the business through the Great Recession, diversified the company’s sales channels and customer base, and developed a strong management team in anticipation of an eventual exit.

Having whet his appetite for direct investment and M&A activity, Jeff is now assisting founders with professionalizing and optimizing their business so as to achieve maximum results in either the continued operations or sale of their company. 

Jeff has a candid, no nonsense approach and a passion for perpetual improvement and growth. He is passionate and "all in" while his strong discernment bolsters his unique ability to put the business first without demoralizing the team in the process. Jeff strives to provide Private Equity caliber advisory services without requiring an equity stake.

In addition to his business endeavors, Jeff serves his community in various ways through the continual contributions of time, talent and treasure. He enjoys hunting, boating, and spending time with his family, all while striving to continue and deepen his walk in faith in all areas of his life.

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